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Tungsten Carbide Rod

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Cemented Tungsten carbide Description

Cemented Tungsten carbide is a sintered metallurgical product of powder form. It is manufactured in vacuum or Hydrogen reduction furnace with refractory Tungsten material (WC) micron powder as the main ingredient and Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni) or Molybdenum (Mo) as the binder.  

Cemented Tungsten carbide has many excellent characteristics such as high hardness and strength, good wear and corrosion resistance and salient stability under high temperature (even at 500 ºC it is essentially unchanged and at 1000 ºC it is still of high hardness). It can be used to cut cast iron, nonferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, stainless steel and high Manganese steel, etc., and make drilling tools, mining tools, wear parts, precision bearings, nozzles and metal molds, etc..

Stanford Materials provides various machined cemented Tungsten carbide products of different forms such as rod, strip, mill and drill, cutter/tip, nozzle, dies and complex parts, etc..

We supply three types of cemented Tungsten carbide rods: PCB rod, blank rod and rod.

Cemented Tungsten carbide Specifications:


Diameter (mm)

Dia. Tolerance (mm)

Length (mm)

Length Tolerance (mm)

PCB rod

3.25 ~ 7

0 / +0.1

12 ~ 40

0 / + 0.2

Blank rod

1.1 ~ 42


700 Max



2 .0 ~ 25


38 ~ 150


We can also supply cemented Tungsten carbide rods with one or two straight holes.


Outer Diameter  (mm)

Hole Diameter (mm)

Length (mm)

Holes Spacing (mm)

rod with one straight hole

2.5 ~ 30

0.3 ~ 5



rod with two straight holes

4.0 ~ 20

0.8 ~ 2.5


1.0 ~ 10