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New Products from Stanford Materials Corporation

To keep up with demands for new materials in various hi-tech applications in research and industry fields, Stanford Materials Corporation has recently developed several advanced materials. Several high-purity and low-oxygen rare earth metals are now available at Stanford Materials Corporation, including Yttrium (Y > 99.9%, Oxygen < 0.15%), Terbium (Tb > 99.95%, Oxygen < 0.025%), Dysprosium (Dy > 99.95%, Oxygen < 0.035%) and Gadolinium ( Gd > 99.9%, Oxygen < 0.10%). These high-purity and low-oxygen metals are wildly used in applications, such as magnetostriction, sputtering targets, and advanced alloys. The new product line also includes high-purity Yttrium oxide fine powder (Y > 99.99%, D50 < 0.5 µm) and Cerium oxide fine powder (Ce > 99.99%, D50 < 0.5 µm) used in MLCC (Multi-layer ceramic capacitor) and other applications.

Our New Reference Library

We have a new Reference Library on our website. This reference library provides our web visitors with the facts necessary to make business on the INTERNET accountable and decisions more reliable. On this "Reference Library" Web Page, we list links to some websites which supply very useful information, such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). We also provide links to our competitors' websites to help our customers shop around for the materials they need and to be sure that they will get the best quality products at the best prices. Our visitors also can find some information to help them understand the material's properties, specifications, and prices. So, please visit our Reference Library.

Now We Cover More Rare Earth Products

With growth, now we carry more rare earth products including rare earth acetate, nitrate, hydrate, chloride, and fluoride. These products are widely used in catalysts, electronics, and other industries. For more information, please visit our product list page or contact us.

Our New Permanent Magnet Page

On our new Permanent Magnet page, you will find out information about the permanent magnets, which we carry, including Nd-Fe-B rare earth permanent magnets, Sm-Co rare earth permanent magnets, Alnico permanent magnets, Ferrite permanent magnets, and Flexible permanent magnets. This page also briefly discusses how to choose permanent magnet materials and how to choose the right grade of permanent magnets.

Special Pricing For Production Quantity

Stanford Materials Corporation has established a special working relationship with our manufacturers that enables us to supply various products to our customers at very competitive prices. For instance, we sell yttrium oxide 99.995% at a price of $11.80/kg, cerium oxide 99% at $5.00/kg, and yttrium metals 99.9% at $69/kg in production quantity (One metric ton or one FCL depending on products). It will be very difficult to find high-quality materials at such good prices anywhere else. So contact us for a quotation for your production needs.

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