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Nitinol Strip

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nitinol strip


Nitinol (nickel-titanium, Ni-Ti and Ni-Ti based)) is a property of select materials that have the ability to "remember" the shape given during original thermo-mechanical processing allowing the material to revert to that original shape when subjected to heat.


Stanford Materials, founded in 1994, focuses on supplying high quality Nitinol products to worldwide customers at competitive prices. We provide a variety of commercially Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) in wire, strip, sheet, rod and other forms.


Nitinol Strip (Titanium - Nickel stip) can be used in cell phone antennas, children's toys, experimental materials, eye glasses components and medical equipment.

Product Size Width to Thickness Ratio Available Shape
Nitinol Strip Minimum thickness: 0.01”
Maximum thickness: 0.04”
Minimum width: 0.024”
Maximum width: 0.2”
2 to 20 Straight, Coils
Memory Alloy Products

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