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Nitinol Spring

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Among the commercially available Shape Memory Alloys, nitinol (nickel-titanium, Ni-Ti and Ni-Ti based) is outstanding due to its excellent performance and reliability, in addition to strain recovery, Ni–Ti is attractive for several medical applications due to its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and fatigue behavior.



Nitinol Spring (Titanium - Nickel spring) is popular in glasses frames, cell-phone technology, experimental materials, medical equipment, and high-quality memory alloy wire of other areas.


We provide a wide range of nitinol spring at most competitive price. Custom products can be manufactured upon your requests.

Alloy Type
Type Description
Two way-Shape Memory Nitinol spring that restore high-temperature phase shape when heated, and restore cooling temperature phase shape when cooled
One way-Shape Memory Nitinol spring deform at lower temperature, restore the shape before deformation when heated. It only shows shape memory phenomenon when heating

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