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Nitinol Sheet

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nitinol sheet


Stanford Materials manufactures variety of Nitinol Sheet (Ti-Ni alloy) with most competitive price. We also supply other shapes of nitinol products.


Nitinol, well known as shape memory alloy, demonstrates a unique ability to recover its initial shape after deformation through a reversible thermo-elastic phase transformation, it allows Shape Memory Alloys to recover large strains, either spontaneously (pseudo elasticity) or through an increase in temperature (Shape Memory Effect).


Nitinol (Ti-Ni alloy) can be used in cell phone antennas, children's toys, experimental materials, eye glasses components and medical equipment such as surgical stitching wire, birth control loop and high-quality memory alloy wire of other areas.

Product Size Material Surface
Nitinol Sheet 0.004”-0.2” x W x L Nickel: 54.5-57 wt%, Balance: Ti Cold-rolled, pickled, or polished

Alloy Type

Type Description
Two way-Shape Memory Nitinol wire that restore high-temperature phase shape when heated, and restore cooling temperature phase shape when cooled
One way-Shape Memory Nitinol wire deform at lower temperature, restore the shape before deformation when heated. It only shows shape memory phenomenon when heating

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