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Quartz Glass

To produce quartz glass, quartz sand is filled into a vertical furnace. The material is melted in crucibles located inside the furnace and drawn through a nozzle to form rods or plates. When producing quartz glass rods, a mandrel shaft is also used. At temperatures of 2200 �C (3992 �F), the material properties of many metals are compromised. By producing the entire heating unit using these refractory metals, we avoid any problems associated with other metals. Our range includes the following products specially designed for quartz glass production:

  1. Spinning Nozzles
  2. Crucible
  3. Electrodes
  4. Mesh heaters and rod heating elements
  5. Shielding
Spinning Nozzles
Molybdenum Spinning Nozzles
tungsten crucible
Molybdenum Electrodes Tungsten electrodes
tungsten mesh heater
tungsten heat sheild

We can produce custom molybdenum components. Send your drawing to for quotation.