Molybdenum Sputtering Target

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Molybdenum Sputtering Target

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Molybdenum sputtering target is widely used in manufacturing LCD and touch screens (panels). It is also used for solar cells and solar water heating. We can provide pure molybdenum and molybdenum alloy targets with different shapes, including disc, planar, rotary as well as custom targets.
Pure molybdenum

Mo >99.95%

Molybdenum alloy

Mo-Nb (90at% Mo:10at% Nb)

Mo-Cr (Mo 97 wt% Mo: 3 wt% Cr)

Molybdenum compounds

Molybdenum Telluride (MoTe2), 99.999%

Molybdenum Selenide (MoSe2), 99.999%

Molybdenum Boride (Mo2B5), 99.5%

Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2), 99.9%

Molybdenum Silicide (MoSi2), >99.5%

Below are most of the standard sizes. If you do not see the size of molybdenum rod that you require, please feel free to contact us.
Disc target

Diameter: 10mm to 360mm

Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

Planar target

Width: 20mm to 600mm

Length: 20mm to 2000mm

Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

Rotary target

Outer diameter: 20mm to 400mm

Wall thickness: 1mm to 30mm

Length: 100mm to 3000mm