Indium Tin Oxide, ITO Sputtering Target(In2O3/SnO2, 90/10 wt%)

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ito sputtering target

Stanford Materials Corporation (SMC) provides a full range of sputtering target materials including: precious metals, pure metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets, borides, oxides, carbides, nitrides, silicides, and fluorides. We secure long-term availability of raw materials, constantly work to develop new product dimensions and geometries, and adapt our production capacity to our customers volume requirements. We are able to produce targets of rare or less frequently used compositions as well as a wide array of standard items at competitive prices.

Rotary ITO Sputtering targets have the potential to substantially lower LCD production costs. Stanford Materials is at the forefront in developing this technology. The unique combination of high optical transmittance and low electrical resistance makes Indium Tin Oxide (ITO Sputtering Target) the most widely used material for the construction of optoelectronic devices such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).

Purity99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%
ShapeDisc Targets, Plate Targets, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made
SizeCircular: Diameter < 14inch, Thickness > 1mm; Block: Length < 32inch, Width < 12inch, Thickness > 1mm